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About Enthusiast Autohaus

Enthusiast Autohaus

Founded in 2018 by longtime friends Jon Gilliatt and Edgar Sarmiento, Enthusiast Autohaus was initially created as an outlet for our odd automotive finds and restorations. We enjoyed Citroens, Lancias, classic BMWs, air cooled Porsches, front engined Porsches, vintage Land Rovers, diesel Mercedes, and even the occasional Hanomag. It turns out all our motorsport experience and partner network is really conducive to sourcing, repairing, and selling all these classics. Beginning in 2022, we decided to extend this expertise to our fellow carguys. We literally take all the work, all the risk, and all the frustration off your hands. We appraise your vehicle and come to an agreement on a fair value for you, go through minor paperwork so we can sell it on your behalf, and that’s it! Our next contact is cutting you a check for the sale of your car! Learn more about how easy and trouble-free consigning with Enthusiast Autohaus is!

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